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The NBA’s Ultimate All-Time 1-on-1 Tournament

Episode Summary

Ever wonder who would win a 1-on-1 tournament that included EVERY SINGLE PLAYER IN NBA HISTORY? Well, wonder no more. Adam Fromal (@fromal09) is back with Dan to talk about the results from NBA Math's All-Time 1-on-1 tournament. Every player in league history was put into height brackets, and matchups were determined by seeding players relative to win-share totals. From there, fans voted on who would win each game (standard pickup rules), all the way up to the final 16 players. Adam and Dan take you through all the results to this point, offer their opinions on snubs and, then, map out their own picks for the remaining 16 megastars. Buckle up. This is going to be quite the ride.

Episode Notes

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