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Top 10 Los Angeles Clippers of the Decade

Episode Summary

Hardwood Knocks' decade-ranking series is back! As per usual, Dan is joined by Adam Fromal (@fromal09) to discuss which 10 players make the cut. The Los Angeles Clippers are the next team to enter our pressure-cooker, and with the help of our wonderful listeners, we've identified the best of the best from this past decade, beginning with the 2010-11 season. And while there's consensus at the top, because Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan are forever, things get wacky when discussing Lou Williams, Danilo Gallinari, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard and many others.

Episode Notes

If you haven’t checked out all the other decade rankings we’ve done, change that immediately. All the episodes are looped together on NBA Math’s own landing page, as well as iTunes and a YouTube playlist.

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