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Top 10 Memphis Grizzlies of the Decade

Episode Summary

Come on down, Memphis Grizzlies! You're the next subject of our "Ranking the top 10 players of the decade for every NBA team!" series. Adam and Dan thoroughly enjoyed recording this one, and while we're ultra-biased, we highly recommend this pod for non-Grizzlies fans (and obviously Grizz faithful), just because of how many quality players this team has churned out. You all know Marc Gasol, Mike Conley, Zach Randolph and Tony Allen made the cut. But where did Rudy Gay fall? How high did Ja Morant climb? Did Vince Carter crack the top 10? What about O.J. Mayo? Let's grit and grind this out! (See what we did there?)

Episode Notes

If you haven’t checked out all the other decade rankings we’ve done, change that immediately. All the episodes are looped together on NBA Math’s own landing page, as well as iTunes and a YouTube playlist.

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